Thursday, May 10, 2012

Milt Kahl - Alice In Wonderland Pencil Tests

Milt Kahl did some amazing work on Alice In Wonderland. I came across the full res scans for these pencil tests on the awesome Michael Sporn Blog, but found the pencil test and scans he had were really out of register and some of the timing was not what was used in the final film.

So I decided to put together some pencil tests of the scans with them back in register and in the timing from the animation in the film. I have included the original scans and with the background from the film.

Original Scans

With Background

Original Scans

With BG


  1. Veeeerrry nice!! Thx a lot Mike

  2. Great to finally find your blog, Mike and I already put it on my bookmark. It's great to work with you on Shadows. You are super talented.

  3. Hey Mike,
    I was looking for you last Friday to wish you a Merry Christmas but could not find you at your desk.
    I want to wish you good holidays. See you in 2 weeks.