Sunday, January 6, 2013

Milt Kahl 101 Dalmatians Pencil Tests

I love Disney's 101 Dalmatians - especially the first third as the characters are so well introduced and established. Milt's animation of Roger and Anita is amazing as always and I have lots of great pencil tests which I will share over the next week or so. Here are 2 to get us started. 

Milt Kahl Roger Pencil Test

With the Background

I love this drawing of Anita!

Milt Kahl Anita Pencil Test

With the Background

Milt Kahl - Peter Pan Pencil Test

Michael Sporn's fantastic blog had some great high res scans from a Milt Kahl scene from Peter Pan. I decided to re-register them and put together a pencil test with audio so we could watch it.

Rough Pencil Test with Timecode

Pencil Test registered with the background

Frank Thomas - Jungle Book Pencil Tests

Jungle Book is one of my favorite Disney films and I recently got some high res scans from 2 Frank Thomas scenes which I have since registered and put together as pencil tests with audio.

Rough Pencil Test with timecode

Pencil test registered to the background