Thursday, March 8, 2012

Chuck Jones Experience

I have always been a huge fan of Chuck Jones and Warner Bros. cartoons. I was lucky enough to meet him when I was 10 years old when he visited Melbourne, Australia as part of an exhibition of his work. I bought my very first animation cel at that time, and had it signed by him and its still one of my favorite pieces of art.

I visited the Chuck Jones Experience in Las Vegas (held at the Circus Circus Casino) last month and was blown away by the amount of original art that was on exhibition and how well the show was put together.

There was some art at the exhibition that had notes that Chuck Jones had made about acting and animation on them. A theory or term that Chuck Jones used was one called ‘Displacement Activity’. This is something I plan on writing a future post about, but what really stuck in my head was this quote:

Displacement Activity:
“A lot of animators only worry about the primary actions. But to create a character, it’s the secondary actions that count. What unique thing does the character do that makes him what he is?” – Chuck Jones

Below are some photos taken of the art along with his animation desk (I so want one like that!). If you are in Vegas anytime soon – go see this! 

Chuck Jones' desk and movieola. 

X-sheet for a cartoon short.

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  1. Awesome desk, but that seat looks so uncomfortable, haha. Will you be posting your personal signed Chuck Jones cell?? And the others in your collection??

    And really nice blog!!